Works at night

Xenia Bannuscher (born in 1995 in Bayreuth, Germany) started studying at Codarts in 2016. Coming from Germany her background lies in gymnastics and dance.

During her studies at Codarts she began mixing and meddling with different styles of movement, incorporating them into her own physicality and slowly developing her own language of movement (a language still evolving; currently babbling and stammering in between full sentences).
When not rolling around Xenia can be found either reading, writing, drawing or contemplating the misery we're all in (and growing desperate over the lack of solutions.)

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Supported by:

30CC, Château de Monthelon, Circunstruction, Circuscentrum, Circus Dance Festival,

Cirkus Kolektiv, Theater op de Markt, Latitude50, Perplx

Pictures taken by Kolja Huneck, De Schaapjesfabriek, Matthias Ziemer