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Has a moustache

Dries Vanwalle (born in 1997 in Ghent, Belgium) started his circus career at the age of 7 in the youth circus Circusplaneet in Ghent. He started specializing as a juggler/diabolist but eventually decided to become a dance acrobat. In 2016 he started his bachelor studies in circus arts at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam (Netherlands). Up until now he could gather different experiences on stage: he was part of the production group of his youth circus (performing every year), performed walk-about acts and now performed several times during his time at Codarts. His second passion is music, he plays the guitar and the piano.

Here you can find a little teaser: ISH

Dries was/is also part of other projects:

  • Rocking by Paul Van de Waterlaat (Creation 2021)

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Company number: 0759.407.258

Pictures taken by Kolja Huneck, Matthias Ziemer, Jonas Harnischmacher, Lily SchlinkerJostijnLigtvoetFotografie

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